Wilson, NC

Job Description


Support maintenance crew when requested on all Automation/controls issues to reduce NOT.  Down machines for automation/controls issues are always a top priority for AEE. Find ways to reduce NOT calls by creating a countermeasure on every call you go to.  The countermeasure will be the AEE projects as this can be an updating HMI program to direct the BMT to the root cause of the issue, a one-point lesson, update schematics, provide training, find a replacement for an obsolete part, etc.

Example: When called to a machine the AEE will assist the BMT in troubleshooting the issue.  Once the issue is found and corrected the AEE will log all notes in BAMM including hours works.  The AEE will then move the work order “Work Team” classification from Maintenance to Engineering and the AEE takes over responsibility.  Once the countermeasure has been created it will be presented to the Area engineer, once approved it will be implemented and presented to Maintenance.  Work order is then Closed.

Work with the BMTs on your crew to address weaknesses in Automation/Controls troubleshooting and work 1 on 1 with the BMT to train and improve their troubleshooting skills.  Then follow up with them quarterly to see if their skills have improved.  The AEE will have a monthly meeting (scheduled on Monday-Thursday shift) with the maintenance trainer to go over training conducted by the AEE so the trainer can learn and address weak points in BMTs. Be included in A rank reviews that required an AEE or had an Automation/Controls issue and be actively involved with creating a countermeasure for it. Support/Maintain all Maintenance Automation software on laptops.  This ensures BMTs have all the tools to do their job. Manage Automation/Controls preventative maintenance schedule.

Example: Replacing Batteries on PLCs.

Engineer a replacement for an obsolete Controls part so when the obsolete part expires a plan has been set in place, which will reduce NOT. Attend and actively be involved in Kokai Watch meetings throughout the plant. Create EMACS on all Automation/Controls changes made on shift Provide a detailed turnover at the end of the shift to the oncoming crew.




Assist Area Engineers with no time-sensitive projects. Assist Area Engineers during plant shutdown. Fill for an area engineer when they cannot be in two places at once or if they have a project they must turn over to nights/weekend to provide coverage till day shift. Attend morning dept. meetings or maintenance turnover meetings to stay in the loop of what’s going on in each department.



Key Working Relationships:

The Associate Electrical Engineer will work under the Engineering Manager but will also be expected to work under their own initiative. There is a need in this plant for excellent communication between maintenance and engineer regarding machine condition and continuous improvement on the floor. Including also an individual that will reduce NOT by sticking with an issue on equipment and following it from troubleshooting to creating and implementing the countermeasure for it. The AEE will be actively communicating with both the area engineers and maintenance to see where their skills can be used to improve any certain task. The AEE will get maintenance assistance requests only from the Maintenance shift lead not a BMT. Once at the machine the AEE will work side by side with the BMT(s) providing troubleshooting advice and making code changes if necessary. For each task the AEE is involved in they will provide status updates to the shift lead, and the area engineer till the task is complete.



Preferred familiarity:

Allen Bradley – PLC 5, SL 500 series, Control Logix, compact Logix

VFD- Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, GE

Servo- Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley

HMI- Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider, Eaton

Communication Protocols – Ethernet/IP, Data Highway, Profibus, Melsec

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