Atlanta, GA

Job Description

Must have a GA Waste Water License
This is a working supervisory position, first shift hours.  Will be responsible for 2 direct reports on off-shifts.  Must have prior supervisory experience.
Treat waste water from process operation before discharging to city plant.
• Maintain compliance with city and state wastewater treatment rules and regulations
• Act as primary contact for the plant regarding wastewater operations.
• Prepare for submission quarterly reports
• Water sampling and testing as required
• Gather and submit water tests as required
• Maintain daily report
• Make minor repairs to pumps, valves, and instruments
• Keep proper records
• Monitor remotely status of the plant when not attended in rotation with another operators
• On call as required
• Return to the plant for corrective activities after hours when required
• Participate actively in meetings associated with modification of plant and plant equipment
• Make appropriate changes as required or recommended by plant designer and monitor
• Conduct self-inspections and audits of facility documenting results.
• Operate and maintain the overall plant
• Coordinate and participate in the maintenance of plant equipment
• Provide technical assistance to repairs being made documenting results.
• Write work orders for repair work needed
• Monitor status of plant maintenance backlog
• Coordinate for maintenance of plant aeration bed
• Monitor plant gas compression system that feeds the cogeneration system
• Monitor and repair plant gas bubble
• Monitor and repair plant scrubber
• Maintain, monitor and repair plant glycol trap
• Maintain plant in proper sanitary state
• Develop and manage repair parts for the plant
• Insure plant equipment is functioning as designed
• Make recommendations to plant improvement
• Assist in recovery and cleanup when spills occur.
• Support the loading of sludge trucks
• Maintain and operate plant centrifuge
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