Rensselaer, NY

Job Description

We are looking for a Laboratory Director to work with a bioscience company focused on developing non-invasive tests that predict prostate and bladder cancers.  This person will be the visible leader of the company’s laboratories, acting as the primary liaison between clinical laboratory administration, senior corporate management (“C-Suite”), laboratory staff, regulatory agencies, and others.


  • Collaborate with the Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and other Company management to oversee the daily operations of the laboratory and its personnel, including technical and scientific operation of the laboratory, testing accuracy and methodology, laboratory conditions, and hiring/training personnel to ensure testing is properly performed in accordance with Company policies and procedures and all applicable local, state and federal laws, regulations and requirements.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of testing systems (policy and procedures) for monitoring pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic phases of testing that meets quality indicators/performance indicators for all aspects of test and analytical performance, and as required by state and federal regulatory agencies (e.g., CLEP, CLIA & FDA). 
  • Provide oversight of laboratory performance, including TAT, days and times of service, evaluation, development, validation, and final approval of test methods and procedures.  Closely monitors initial implementation of new methods and systems and timely resolution of technical problems.
  • Ensure laboratory-implemented testing adheres to established and approved SOPs and quality control policies as required to obtain accurate and reliable results.
  • Oversee laboratory management and ensure all laboratory testing procedures and activities remain current on laboratory regulatory and compliance requirements, including implementing changes to meet these requirements.
  • Will be responsible for occasional travel to an additional laboratory site in New Brunswick, NJ


Education and Experience:

  • Possession of a current Ph.D. degree in Oncology, Molecular Biology, or related field or MD with 1 year of lab training during medical residency AND 2 years experience directing or supervising high complexity testing. 
  • Current NYS CLEP Certificate of Qualification in the category of Oncology – Molecular and Cellular Tumor Marker is required
  • A minimum of (5) years of relevant experience. Leadership, management, and supervisory experience are required.
  • Experience with molecular biology techniques/assays and in-depth understanding of real-time PCR analysis. 
  • Ability to identify, investigate and resolve problems within the clinical laboratory.  
  • Detailed knowledge of laboratory operations. 
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