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Job Description

The Managing Director is responsible for leading large and complex projects. This person will be responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with clients, cultivating additional business opportunities with specific clients and across existing and potential utility clients, and working closely with our project partners to ensure a seamless, coordinated and exceptional delivery of research, consulting and management services to our utility clients. Projects will be in our core programmatic areas of expertise including evaluation, ethnographic research, data science and analytics and integrated demand side management. The Managing Director will also be responsible for fostering knowledge in key areas of strategic growth and exhibit subject matter expertise. 
Portfolio & Key Account Oversight
Lead key accounts while empowering Managing Consultants to ensure projects are delivered on budget and in a timely manner, while meeting brand and quality standards. 
Drive business development to grow the account.
Provide technical oversight and direction to portfolio or project team. 
Align project teams to ensure methodologically sound approaches to the work, foster creativity, and meet
or exceed industry best practices. 
Maintain and document the big picture of the client’s needs in the context of their policy and/or
organizational environment. 
Ensure that executives and the Marketing and Business Development (MBD) team are informed of
the account’s status and needs. 
Provide, direct, and deploy consulting services to key accounts through one-on-one client
interaction, group meetings and conversations, and/or facilitating complex or politically sensitive
stakeholder meetings.

Staff Development, Training and Mentorship
Mentor and develop Managing Consultants as described in project and key account oversight above.
Develop Managing Consultants and Directors toward portfolio planning and ensure that MCs have the
resources needed (training, staff, otherwise) to deliver increasingly larger and more complex projects.
Provide direct mentoring of the consultant and analytical team.
Provide project- and task-level training and technical supervision to staff based on the project
teams’ and company’s needs.
Collaborate with the consultant team to identify the best methodologies across projects. including serving
as a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
Ensure teams are appropriately and rigorously using standard and best practice methodologies that
adhere to QA/QC standards.
Ensure teams are effectively interpreting, and delivering, actionable findings and recommendations in
relatable language appropriate for general and less technical audiences.
Subject Matter Expertise (SME)
Demonstrate area(s) of subject matter expertise, communicated and known to the team.
Serve as a valuable and actively consulted subject matter expert on identified areas of expertise.
Remain aware of, and advance, industry standard and best practices for your area of expertise.
Identifying and cultivate relationships with new or potential clients to expand our client base.
Represent the firm at key industry events and in key organizations.
Proactively support MBD efforts across the company.
Identify ways to promote the work of team members, specifically those working on key accounts
which you oversee.
Ensure that project and portfolio MBD materials are created, updated, and archived by the MC.
Master’s degree in a related field or commensurate years of demonstrated experience.
Industry Experience
• At least ten to twelve years of experience in applied research consulting (note: data analytics and/or
social science research experience is imperative), preferably in energy research
• Direct experience providing consulting services to clients in the energy space or adjacent categories
• Proven experience mentoring and managing staff
Management Skills
• Demonstrated ability to prioritize effectively in the face of multiple and shifting priorities, with the
ability to switch between complex analytical thinking and attending to mundane tasks without
compromising quality or losing one’s focus
• Ability to develop research methods and study designs and lead staff in executing against those
• A history of successful, creative problem-solving
Reporting & Communication Skills
• Superior verbal and written communication skills, demonstrating clarity and conciseness
• Tireless attention to detail in all prior experience (professional)
• Experience applying critical thinking and attention to detail resulting in accurate and high-quality
• Experience effectively identifying and conveying relevant messages, findings, and recommendations
through various reporting mechanisms
• Superior verbal and written communication skills, demonstrating clarity and conciseness
• Presentation skills
• Intermediate experience with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
• Prior consulting-type experience working autonomously and driving one’s own success
• A history of self-education on issues outside the immediate scope of prior work
• Comfort in public speaking and public training
• Experience with business development, sales, developing competitive bids, and/or participating in
best and final presentations

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