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Job Description

The Patient Care Technician is responsible for assisting and supporting the unit management team in achieving quality, patient satisfaction, staff development, business management as appropriate, teamwork, culture and employee satisfaction.


Responsible for understanding, supporting, and implementing the philosophy and policies of the corporation.


Assists in the maintenance of a safe and clean working environment.


Provides safe, effective delivery of age specific patient care in compliance with standards outlined in the facility procedure manual, as well as regulations set forth by the company, state and federal agencies.




The Patient Care Technician will be responsible for the performance of all of the duties listed. The distribution of effort between the duties listed can be expected to vary according to the need and to individual assignments, under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, Coordinator, Director of Nursing, and Unit Medical Director:


1. Demonstrates applicable knowledge of policies and procedures related to the

Patient Care Technician/Reuse/Supply Technician.

2. Demonstrates ability to perform technical skills for the Patient Care Technician

as determined by the competency assessment program.

3. Demonstrates applicable knowledge of the policies and procedures of providing

patient care, including the patient’s treatment, reuse, and water treatment

facility, and emergency procedures.


a. Delivers age specific care to assigned patients as prescribed, including all

aspects of the hemodialysis procedure specifically trained to perform in

accordance to state licensure.

b. Demonstrates ability to work with any patient or staff regardless of race,

gender, disease process, life-style, religious or cultural beliefs, or


Initiates, monitors, and discontinues dialysis treatments according to

established procedures.

d. Develops and assimilates theoretical and technical knowledge with

observations, and communication skills to detect dialysis and non-

dialysis related problems.

e. Utilizes knowledge to establish priorities of care, both emergency and non-emergency; administers medical treatment accordingly and documents all pertinent information.

f. Recognizes and utilizes opportunities to reinforce previous education of the patient and family under the direction of an RN.

g. Maintains a safe environment for self, patients, and staff by utilizing proper body mechanics, and following universal infection control precautions and cleaning procedures under OSHA regulations.

h. Dialyzes isolation patients utilizing isolation precautions and prescribed


i. Performs hemodialysis access care according to established procedures, under the direction of a Registered Professional Nurse.

j. Documents the administration of saline and heparin, under the direction of a Registered Professional Nurse, as authorized by a physician and as further authorized or limited by the State Board of Nursing Practice.

k. Reports any significant observations, information or change in patient

condition to registered nurse, Coordinator, Director of Nursing, and physician.

l. Documents clearly, completely, and accurately all pertinent information on patient’s manual or electronic record.

m. Participates in assisting the RN in formulating nursing care plans including long and short term goals, according to established guidelines.

n. Performs or assists in the performance of all emergency operational

procedures, including the evacuation of patients in the event of fire and/or


o. Obtains blood samples and other specimens as ordered.

p. Assists in ordering supplies and maintaining supply inventory and records

in an efficient and cost effective manner.

q. Attaining neat, orderly, and well-stocked unit.

r. Maintains competency in operations, sanitization, maintenance, and

troubleshooting of all equipment used for dialysis, water treatment, and special procedures.

s. Actively participates with the supervisor and Biomedical technician in the care, routine cleaning, and use of equipment.

t. Picks up and delivers supplies, blood samples, records, and reports as

directed by Coordinator or Director of Nursing.



4. Assumes administrative duties under the direction of the Director of Nursing/Coordinator.

a. Assists in orientation and training of new and existing staff under the direction of an RN.

b. Assists in CQI projects with the health care team.

c. Reports all equipment, supply problems, new or unusual incidents,

information, and complaints appropriately and according to policy to

Coordinator/Director of Nursing/repair personnel/biomedical support staff.

d. Communicates effectively with physicians, supervisor, co-workers, patient and families.

e. Maintains positive working relationships with Medical Director/Medical


f. Actively participates in unit staff meetings and in-services.

g. Cooperates/assists the Registered Nurse/Director of Nursing in

staff scheduling, including rotation, to ensure adequate coverage




1. High school diploma or equivalent.

2. Education in physical sciences and/or training in laboratory techniques preferred.

3. Minimum of 2 years dialysis experience preferred.

4. Reprocessing experience, including equipment repair and maintenance desirable.

5. Successful completion of training course in theory and practice of hemodialysis; or state

license or registration as required.

6. Valid driver’s license and insurance, if travel by car needed for company business.

7. Computer knowledge desirable.

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