Atlanta, GA

Job Description

Print Sales Executive in the Atlanta Region:  

If you have ever thought about how you could move into an ownership position and leverage all of your knowledge and experience for your benefit instead of a big corporation or the owner and his family members, then we should talk.

Company is looking to add a sales leader with experience in commercial print sales who knows how to close deals, mange accounts and retain clients.

They are looking for someone who can join the organization and move into a leadership role going forward.  They are prepared to provide part ownership in the company as an incentive.  

  • Compensation:  Some printers resent how much their best salespeople make. We want ours to make more.
  • Benefits:  Has your company scaled back and/or raised costs to employees?  We have made ours better at lower cost to our people.
  • Location/commute:  Work from your home office, or our facility; whichever works best for you.
  • Exceeding customer expectations:  Our customers love us because we produce accurately, efficiently, top notch quality and on-time; and we stand behind our work.

It is well worth your time to have a confidential talk with us.  If what we offer is not better than what you have, then you should stay where you are.  It is a small investment of your time to find out.  Email us your resume or bio and we’ll start with a brief, confidential phone conversation.  By investing 10 minutes of your time, you decide if you want to hear more, or realize how good you have it where you are.

Job Requirements

Experience:  You must have 5 or more years experience in the print, packaging or direct mail industry.

Sales accomplishments:  You have built a book of business by prospecting, networking and on-boarding new accounts – not simply selling to house accounts.

Market success:  You have built your customer base by using your thorough understanding of commercial print, printing methods, equipment needs, capabilities and limitations and being committed to taking care of your customers needs, expectations and success.

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