Gastonia, NC

Job Description

The Yard Supervisor directs the work activities of all Yard personnel involved in the shipping, receiving and handling of product. This position provides leadership and direction in loading and unloading techniques, receiving procedures, yard organization, inventory handling and control, yard vehicle maintenance and the promotion of a safe working environment. This position requires the flexibility to work 40+ hours per week and weekends as required. The Yard Supervisor reports directly to the Yard or Plant Manager.
The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:
+ Practice proper PPE compliance and maintain a safe working record and environment
+ Facilitation of departmental communication and meetings
+ Immediately communicate unsafe conditions, acts or injuries to Plant Manager
+ Conducting cycle-counts
+ Practice proper forklift and yard vehicle operation and preventive maintenance
+ Yard vehicle maintenance schedule compliance
+ Coordination of DOT stock lots
+ Maintain yard housekeeping, organization and layout
+ Finished Goods quality inspections
+ Management of product rotation
+ Confirmation of customer orders (ASN)
+ Communication with Freight Manager regarding relative issues
+ Management of departmental training and certification programs
+ Organization of daily loading sequence
+ Assurance of maximized payloads
+ Department personnel administration
+ Management of product conversions
+ Maximization of departmental labor efficiencies
+ Minimization of loading errors
+ Management of CPU’s and RMA’s
+ Minimization of departmental overtime
Job Skills:
+ Professionalism and leadership skills
+ Operating system functions including inventory procedures
+ Time management and organizational skills
+ Operating system functions including inventory procedures
+ Communication and training skills
+ Basic computer skills
+ Forklift & OTR vehicle driving skills
+ Freight management
+ Inventory management
+ Receiving procedures
+ Mathematical skills
+ Knowledge of local shipping regulations
Educational Requirements:
+ High School Diploma or equivalent
Preferred Experience:
+ 3-5 years experience as an Yard Loader
+ Supervisory experience
Physical Requirements:
+ Ability to repeatedly lift 75 pounds to a height of 6 feet
+ Ability to stand and be mobile for a minimum of 8 continuous hours
+ Ability to perform physical labor for extended periods of time in temperature extremes
+ Ability to use hands, arms and legs to physically handle and transport finished goods
+ Position requires full range of body motion including twisting, bending, reaching, squatting and ability to mount/dismount industrial equipment and vehicles
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