Are you unemployed and looking for a job in the New Year? According to, you can easily transform your resume to propel you to success.

“The best way to address an employment gap depends on how long you’ve been out of work,” said Teena Rose, director of resume-writing firm

If you’ve been unemployed for less than a year, Rose told that your best strategy may be to say nothing.

“Shorter time frames of up to a year or so aren’t absolute necessities to explain on a resume,” Rose said. “Hiring managers understand job candidates will have date gaps from time to time, especially when factoring in the jobs lost during this recent recession.”

Longer employment gaps can be trickier.

“Hiring managers are more interested in knowing how you used your time away from the workforce as opposed to why you were unemployed,” said Anne-Marie Ditta, president of First Impression Career Services.

Many activities can provide compelling resume content, according to Volunteering; tutoring; coaching sports; learning a new computer program; studying a foreign language or pursuing temporary work can show experience on your resume.

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