Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question below? We are happy to help—contact your local Acloché branch to speak with a representative that can answer any additional questions you may have.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Dress for success!  Making a good first impression with your Acloché Representative is important as he/she will be submitting you for opportunities with our clients.  Bring information about your work history, references, and a current résumé if you have one.  You will also need to bring your direct deposit information and identification for your I9.  To find out what forms of ID are accepted please visit or contact your Acloché Representative. Head over to our blog post on preparing for a job interview for more advice!

Do I have to schedule an appointment for my interview?

While we accept walk-ins we recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure that you do not have to wait or come back for an interview.  This also provides your Acloché Representative a chance to thoroughly review your online application, work history, and previous experience prior to your interview.

If I have a misdemeanor or felony conviction am I eligible for employment with Acloché?

Acloché is an equal opportunity workplace.  When making hiring decisions, we consider each applicant’s work history, experience, education, demeanor during the interview as well as criminal background.  While we do run a thorough criminal background check for all applicants, past convictions are never automatic disqualifiers.

When is pay day?

Provided your approved time is submitted to Acloché by midnight on Sunday, you will be paid weekly on Fridays.

How do I view my paystubs?

All Acloché Associates have access to paystubs on the Acloché web portal.

Do I have to have a checking or savings account for my paychecks?

No, if you do not have a bank account for direct deposit, Acloché will provide a convenient paycard that works just like a debit card.  Your weekly pay will be deposited into the account and you can use it to make purchases or withdraw cash.

What if I move or my phone number changes?

It is very important that Acloché is able to contact you while you are on assignment or if we are working to find an opportunity for you.  If your address changes or you update your phone number please contact your Acloché branch to update this information.

How will I receive my W-2?

W-2s will be provided by January 31st each year.  During the application process, or at any time during your employment, you may opt in to receive an electronic W-2, which will be available on the Acloché employee web portal.  Associates that do not choose to receive an electronic W-2 will receive their W-2 via mail at the address we have on file; any returned W-2s will be resent if an updated address has been provided.  W-2s cannot be provided via email.  If you wish to opt in or out for an electronic W-2, please contact your Acloché Representative.

What if I am injured on the job?

Notify both your worksite supervisor and your Acloché Representative immediately.  You may seek medical treatment with a provider of your choice; however, please make sure your chosen provider handles workers’ compensation claims.  You must inform your medical provider that your employer is Acloché; listing your worksite as your employer will delay the processing of your claim and payment of any benefits.

What should I do if I am unable to log into the Acloché web portal?

Contact your Acloché branch if you are unable to log into the web portal; your Acloché Representative is able to reset your password.

What is Acloché’s EEO policy?

It is the policy of Acloché LLC to ensure equal employment opportunity in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code 125.111 and all applicable federal regulations and guidelines. Employment discrimination against employees and applicants due to race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), national origin, disability, age (40 years old or more), military status, or veteran status is illegal.

Acloché LLC managers and employees will comply with state and federal equal employment laws, rules, regulations and guidelines. This policy statement will be disseminated to all employees, various recruitment sources and will be displayed on all construction job sites and business locations. Any employees that deliberately violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Persons who believe Acloche LLC has discriminated against them may file a discrimination complaint with Acloché Human Resources.

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