In 2009, Acloché’s current CEO, Kim Shoemaker, was faced with a complicated predicament when she was named the company’s new CEO. Acloché’s longtime CEO, Bobbie Ruch, had just unexpectedly passed away at just 56 years-old, and the company was faced with the downfall of the national economy. Undeterred by the challenges, Shoemaker was determined to move the company forward in a positive way.

“My first charge was to increase morale, to show appreciation and to really build on the staff,” Shoemaker says. “I think that’s extremely important to make your team feel appreciated, improve on that and lift their spirits up. There was a lot of uncertainty among our staff and the business community regarding the future of our company.”

Smart Business featured an article on Shoemaker’s ability and strategy to overcome the hurdles Acloché was dealt in 2009. Read the full story on how she handled the obstacles with a successful plan of action and perseverance here.