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On Sunday, the 47th Super Bowl will take place in New Orleans, pitting two teams against one another in a fight for a supreme title. It will take talent, motivation and perseverance for the best team to come out on top.

This is the same battle that job applicants across the globe endure during their search for a position. Wondering how to be the winner in a pool of applicants to secure a job? Here are a few tips to help you be a stand-out:

  • Show interest. If the area of a position you are applying for does not interest you, then it will be difficult for you to show enthusiasm. Potential employers search for enthusiasm among applicants to decipher who will work harder than others. Explore the area of your position to not only gain knowledge, but also motivation.
  • Show relevancy. Often, applicants tend to miss the mark when expressing relativity between their past experience and the job criteria listed in the job description. This could cause potential employers to disregard some applicants as unqualified. Make sure to revise your resume for each position to directly express the relevancy of your past experience.
  • Be prepared. Preparing yourself for interviews is an important task when seeking employment. Research the company to show knowledge and practice interview questions with close friends or family. Also, know your resume thoroughly and be prepared to discuss your accomplishments and how they will help your potential company succeed.
  • Do not forget to follow up with your interviewer. Send a quick thank you email or handwritten note expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview with their company. Also, this is a good way to reiterate your excitement about being a part of their business.

While using all of these tasks within your job search cannot guarantee you a position, it will most certainly increase your odds of winning a job.