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March 1st was Employee Appreciation Day, and while it is important to recognize this date, it is also important to celebrate your employees year-round. Below are some innovative and cost-effective tips for continuously showing gratitude towards your employee for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

  • Recognize employees’ effort and not just accomplishment. It is important for employees to feel that the effort they are putting forth is appreciated and not just success.
  • Offer employees additional training and workshops that target their specific interests and skill sets. Employees like to feel as though their interests are important to their company and appreciate when they are given the opportunity to improve upon their skill sets. It makes them feel as though their company is making an investment into their future.
  • Celebrate birthdays and other milestones around the office. A simple card on birthdays and anniversaries with the company can make the employees feel important to their company.
  • Offer flexible schedules if possible. Allowing employees to have a flexible schedule is an economical way to establish a feeling of freedom, which is an important aspect for many employees.
  • Establish a casual dress day. By allowing your employees to casually dress every once in a while, it allows them to feel relaxed within their work environment.

The above suggestions are just a few of the options you have to show appreciation for your employees year-round. If you would like additional options, you can find them here.