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Submitting a résumé to a potential employer is essentially the first impression you make. This is why it is crucial for your résumé to be free of errors. However, it is easy to overlook the biggest mistakes candidates tend to make. Below we have outlined the top mistakes job applicants overlook.

  • Not correcting grammatical and spelling errors. While this should be obvious and easily fixed, it is often an item that is ignored. Leaving grammatical and spelling errors within your résumé can cause you to come off as rushed or lazy to potential employers. Simply use the spelling and grammar check in Word or have someone look over your information.
  • Using a poorly written or thought-out objective. Other than your name and contact information, the first thing potential employers see is your objective. Avoid being too generic in your objective and target specific employers by applying your skills to their needs within your objective.
  • Being too brief or too lengthy. The length of a résumé is an often debated topic. However, it is a great rule of thumb that it should be one full page in length and nothing longer. Be efficient in your writing, not long-winded.
  • Focusing on your duties instead of your accomplishments. Showcase your accomplishments instead of your responsibilities. For instance, instead of saying “attended meetings with upper management” use “worked directly with upper management to develop effective methods of protocol.”
  • Not tailoring each résumé for specific employers. Potential employers are looking for you to create a résumé specific for their needs and wants in a new employee. Avoid having your résumé tossed in the trash bin by developing résumés specific to each place of employment.
  • Using incorrect contact information. Using correct contact information is something that should be standard, but occasionally it can easily be overlooked. Double check each time you submit your résumé that your contact information is entirely correct.

Having the knowledge of the most common résumé mistakes it the first step, applying the information is the important step. Use the above information to make sure you are submitting the best résumé for the position to help you get closer to the job you want.