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This Monday, May 27, marks the national holiday Memorial Day. Even though this holiday is often celebrated as a day off from work, filled with parades and cook-outs, it has quite a different meaning.

Memorial Day was first commemorated in 1865 to celebrate the lives of the fallen soldiers of the Union Army after the American Civil War. It did not, however, become a national holiday recognizing the fallen heroes of our military until 1968.

Below are creative ideas to celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day and to honor the American soldiers who perished fighting for our freedom.

  • Visit a military cemetery to decorate the headstones of military service men and women.
  • Hand out small American flags during your local Memorial Day parade.
  • Wear a small yellow ribbon to show your support of our past and present soldiers.
  • Use social media to tell our military men and women that you are thankful for their service.
  • Fly a flag in your yard or business at half-mast to honor the memory of those we have lost.

It is always important to remember the dedicated service men and women of our country and to never forget those we have lost.

We would like to take this moment to honor our country’s fallen heroes, veterans and current service men and women. Without you, our freedom would not be possible.