Acloché is pleased to announce that it was honored as one of the nation’s Top Businesses by in Las Vegas in April. Acloché was ranked 226th on the “Top 500 Diversity Owned Businesses in the US”, 79th on the “Top Women Owned Businesses in the US”, 13th on the “Top 50 Diversity Owned Businesses in Ohio” and 15th on the “Top 100 Privately-held Businesses in Ohio.”

Over 1.3 million businesses across the nation had the opportunity to participate in’s 13th annual business surveys. Recipients of the Top Business honor were selected based upon their gross annual revenue and their business profile.

“Acloché is honored to continue to receive such great accolades for our continued hard work and dedication in the staffing industry,” said Kim Shoemaker, the CEO of Acloché. “I am proud to be a part of such an accomplished team, and I am confident we will continue to provide business that is worth recognition.” is the nation’s primary resource portal for small businesses and large organizational buyers. It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.