School Supplies 3

In a few short weeks, children and their parents will once again be preparing for the start of a new school year. If you are a parent, you know how hectic preparing your family for a new school year can be can be. Below are some tips to help make preparation easier this year:

  • Get on the school schedule now. A few weeks before school, set the alarms clocks for the time everyone will be getting up to go to school and enforce the wake-up time on everyone in the house, even teenagers.
  • Start eating breakfast daily. If late summer mornings have caused your family to stop eating breakfast, start eating it again. Not only will everyone be receiving the nutrients their bodies need for a successful day, it helps to determine how much extra time you will need in your schedule for breakfast.
  • Be prepared with necessary school supplies. If your children will not receive their school supply list until after school starts, buy a surplus of general supplies including backpacks, lunch bags, notebooks and number 2 pencils. If your children receive their supply list prior to the start of school, shop according to the list.
  • Include new school clothes in your shopping trip. Shopping for new clothes and accessories allows children have fun with the thought of school starting again. Just be sure to adhere to the school dress code when making purchases.
  • Double check on summer reading progress. As children get older, their curriculum often includes summer reading. If your child has a summer reading project, check in on their progress once a week until school begins.
  • Purchase a planner for the school year. School and extra-curricular engagements on top of work can lead to an extremely busy year. Stay organized by purchasing and using a daily planner.

Start the school year off on the right foot using the above tips. Acloché wishes you and your children an exciting and successful 2013-2014 school year.