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September 17 signifies National Get Ready Day, an observation established by the American Public Health Association to help all Americans prepare for emergency situations, hazards and disasters. These include pandemic flu, infectious diseases, natural disasters and other emergencies.

Whether it is at work or at home, being prepared is essential in dealing with emergency situations. Below are general tips to help you and those closest to you to be prepared.

  • Hold family and work meetings to discuss all emergency plans. Cover all possible emergency situations such as fires and tornadoes.
  • At home, make sure that young children are part of the plan including who will care for them in case of an emergency. Also, cover the individuals outside of your immediate family that will be there to help such as policemen and firemen.
  • Hold semi-annual tornado and fire drills at home and at work. In order to have successful tornado and fire evacuation plans, rehearse them every six months so that everyone is aware of where to go.
  • Prepare an emergency kit. Have a go-to emergency kit filled with supplies you may need in cases of distress including bottles of water and a first-aid kit.

For additional information on cases of emergency and specific situations, visit the National Get Ready Day website here.