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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission established guidelines and regulations that every employer should be familiar with and following within their hiring practices. However, some employers are not aware of these ever changing regulations. Below are some pointers to help your company be EEOC compliant.

  • Establish a set of written criteria to be used in every interview process. In order to demonstrate that you treat each applicant equally and fairly, you must have a consistent and fair interview process. A firm set of criteria to evaluate every candidate the same, helps to show you are EEOC compliant. However, the criteria can be different for each type of position in order to hire the right person for the job. For example, if you wish to administer a clerical evaluation to judge an applicant’s reception abilities, you must administer the evaluation to all applicants applying for the receptionist position.
  • Establish a set of questions to be used in every interview. Similar to the written criteria, interview questions should be relatively the same in every interview. Having a set list of questions to ask in each interview makes this process much easier and eliminates any perceived bias. Also similar to the written criteria, you are able to tailor these questions for each specific position but not by applicant.
  • Train each member on your hiring team to help them handle the hiring process properly. In order for the set criteria and questions to work and for your overall hiring process to be compliant with the EEOC, your team must be aware of the guidelines and regulations that are expected. Therefore, training is essential so that your team has a great understanding of the EEOC regulations, how they are crucial in making this happen and why it is important to abide by the EEOC.

Whether or not your company already includes the EEOC guidelines in your hiring practices, the above tips are a great place to start to head towards 100-percent compliance with the EEOC.