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January 20th, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr day is celebrated in the United States honor Dr. King’s work to ensure equal civil rights for all people. It is extremely important to guarantee that your workplace is an equal space for employees of all nationalities, sexual orientations, religions and other backgrounds protected under the equal opportunity employment laws.

Below are tips to help eliminate discrimination in your workplace.

  • Create a diverse workforce by hiring qualified individuals from various backgrounds. Starting with a foundation of individuals who can educate one another on their backgrounds helps build relationships between co-workers and eliminate discrimination.
  • Establish a zero-tolerance anti-discrimination policy that each employee must sign and abide by. It is important for employees to understand that there are consequences in your office for discrimination and that such discrimination will not be taken lightly.
  • Establish a fair system of rewards for all employees. You can lead your employees through your example by encouraging and complimenting everyone on their work regardless of their background.
  • Train employees on what is considered discrimination and how to handle it. By educating your employees you eliminate ignorance and increase awareness.

Use the above tactics to help your employees and your company avoid racism making your work environment a happy and healthy space individuals want to work in.