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Friday, March 7th, is National Employee Appreciation Day. Employees should feel appreciation every day for their hard work, but National Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity for you to go above and beyond in your gratitude. Pull from the list below next Friday to show how grateful you are for your employees’ involvement in the success of your business.

  • Throw a lunch party. A simple gesture of providing lunch for your employees can go a long way. Order in pizza or a favorite around the office to show them they truly are appreciated.
  • Gift a gift card to each employee. Gift cards are offered in a wide range of increments making them doable for small or large budgets. Whether a $5 gift card to a local coffee house or a $25 gift card to a nice restaurant, employees will welcome the gift with gratitude.
  • Allow for a casual Friday dress code. If your company doesn’t already provide a casual dress code on Fridays, allow your employees to dress casually on March 7th. Employees enjoy feeling comfortable and could be more diligent in their work as a result.
  • Write a handwritten thank you to employees. Occasionally, employees feel as if their work goes unnoticed. You can acknowledge of each of their contributions by writing a personalized note thanking them for the goals and successes they have reached.
  • Launch a new, ongoing employee appreciation program. What better way to start a new employee appreciation program than on National Employee Appreciation Day. Make the launch exciting and exclusive to everyone, then begin your program the following week highlighting an employee deserving of praise.

The list above is just a few ideas to help show appreciation for your employees. Try leading a brainstorming session with all of your company’s leaders to create ideas that would work great for you company, and don’t forget to show appreciation for those that keep your business running on March 7th!