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Explaining gaps in your career on your resume can become quite a task when speaking with potential employers, especially when their reaction is completely unpredictable. Below are tips to help explain your career gaps the most efficient way possible.

  • Don’t be surprised when you’re asked to explain the career gap. The majority of potential employers are going to want to know why you have a lack of work. Be ready with an explanation that you’re confident with.
  • Angle your career gaps into a benefit. Use the explanation of your career gaps to your advantage by describing to potential employers how you used the time to continue to learn more about your industry or furthered your education, whether on your own or at an institution.
  • Do not fabricate your explanation or talk around the direct reason. Telling lies in the world of technology most likely will not get you far without being discovered. Be blunt and honest with the reasons behind your career gaps.
  • Understand that not all employers are going to be interested in individuals with career gaps, with or without a good explanation. Explaining your career gaps isn’t going to work in every interview you experience. Just stay confident in your job search and don’t give up.

When questioned by potential employers regarding your career gaps, employ the above tips to help gain the job you have been searching for.