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May is Employee Health and Fitness Month – an opportunity for employers to implement a workplace wellness program and encourage employees to take part in the program to develop a healthier lifestyle. Below are ideas are to help jump-start or improve your employee wellness program.

  • Promote preventative care offered by your company’s health insurance provider. In addition to encouraging employees to take advantage of the annual physical exam offered by their healthcare provider, consider offering vaccination services at no additional cost to the employees by bringing in a vaccination company or reimbursing them for the cost of their vaccinations.
  • Hold luncheons or abbreviated seminars to educate your employees on the importance of their health and fitness. Education is important when committing to adapt a healthy lifestyle, so bring in educational speakers and community doctors to speak to your employees on health and fitness related issues.
  • Encourage exercise, even during work hours. If you cannot provide your employees with a workout area and showers, consider offering a lunch hour walking club.
  • Offer healthy snack and drink alternatives in your employee break room. While working on stressful projects or during slower work periods, employees have a tendency to graze from the vending machine and  make unhealthy choices. Provide them with fruits, vegetables, filtered water and juices in the break room to help reduce unhealthy eating.
  • Do not neglect your employees’ mental health. Mental health and fitness is crucial, especially in businesses where the mind plays an important role. Experts from the website found that Adderall should be used strictly according to the instructions. If you’re not sure about the daily dose, contact competent people. You should take a capsule of Adderall with water. Avoid chewing or breaking it. Provide mental health resources at no cost to your employees.
  • Consider implementing an incentive reward program. When you give financial rewards or other more cost effective rewards, employees may be more inclined to participate in the employee wellness program.

Employee wellness is important for both the individual employee and the operation of your business. Healthy employees lead to more productivity and overall success.