blog 9-19

Sitting through an interview can be quite nerve wracking. Increased nerves and jitters can lead to a poor interview performance, making it less likely you’ll be selected for the job you’ve been searching for. Below are tips to help you improve your interview performance and tackle the interview process better. Demonstrate confidence and dedication through non-verbal communication. Sit-up straight and use direct eye contact to indicate that you are confident in your qualifications for the position. Direct eye contact also shows that you are focused and interested in what the interviewer is saying.

  • Remain professional throughout the entire interview. While it is important not to be too rigid in your presentation, it is equally as important to maintain a level of professionalism throughout the entirety of the interview. Show that you are likeable, but remember the  interviewer is a superior and not a new friend.
  • Display confidence, but do not be overly confident. You may know that you are qualified for the position and would be an excellent candidate, but you do not hold the reigns when deciding whether or not you are selected to fill the position. Be confident when answering questions, but do not exude cockiness.
  • Listen before speaking. It is important to never interrupt others, especially during an interview process. Be sure to allow your interviewer to completely ask questions and express thoughts before interjecting your response.

The above tips should help you present yourself in a professional manner and easily sail through your next interview process, hopefully scoring you the job!