50th Anniversary Dinner


On March 6th, 2018, Acloché officially turned 50 years old!

We’re incredibly thankful and honored to have served Central Ohio for 50 years, where we have evolved and grown to play an integral role connecting job seekers to employers in a variety of industries. At Acloché, We Know People, and getting to know people has allowed us to reach this incredible milestone with flying colors.

50 collage


Although our 50 for 50 campaign will be chronicling a variety of events in our anniversary celebration all year long, Tuesday called for a special occasion.  Downtown at The Bluestone, Acloché brought together the entire company for a night of recognition, celebration, and even a little mystery! We had a fantastic night with The Dinner Detective, an interactive mystery dinner show where we got to watch an entire murder case unfold around us. We could not recommend The Dinner Detective enough—it was a perfect accompaniment to the more formal aspect of the night, where we recognized different branches and individuals for their accomplishments in the past year.

In addition to our company celebration, we also took this week as an opportunity to thank our clients as part of our 50 for 50 campaign. Throughout the week, we had a gold tin full of Cheryl’s Cookies delivered to our clients in celebration of our “Golden Anniversary”. We included a card in each tin with a message expressing our gratitude for their partnership:

“As Acloché celebrates our 50th year serving Central Ohio, we wanted to thank you for your business and support. Without the partnership of incredible organizations like yours, we would have never been able to achieve such an important milestone.”

Click here to learn more about our 50 for 50 campaign and to read about last week’s event, and check back every Friday for an update on our 50th anniversary celebration!


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