Last month, Acloché hosted our biggest event of the year, the Warriors & Survivors Charity Gala.

As we reflect on our 50th year of connecting job seekers to employers, Acloché has always maintained a strong connection to the communities we serve. As a way to show our gratitude, last month Acloché hosted the Warriors & Survivors Charity Gala, a fundraising event with proceeds benefiting two incredible local organizations: Run Down the Demons and She Has a Name.

Run Down the Demons is a local non-profit whose mission is to address mental health disorders related to Veterans, active service members, and their families. She Has a Name is a strong community of abolitionists that exists to fight human trafficking through education, collaboration, and survivor care.

This week, we invited the teams from both Run Down the Demons and She Has a Name to visit the Acloché headquarters in Grandview for a final wrap-up of the event, including a small presentation to both organizations. Through the hard work of our team at Acloché and the incredible support of our partners, we are monumentally proud to say that we have achieved our fundraising goal of $50,000!

The teams from Run Down the Demons and She Has a Name are all incredibly caring and hardworking people, working day in and day out for two causes that may not always receive the attention they need. We want to thank everyone involved with putting together such an amazing night, including our volunteers, donors, and sponsors. Without the effort put forth by the entire Charity Gala team, this fundraiser would have never been possible.

No matter how big or small, each Act of Gratitude in our 50 for 50 campaign is meant to signify Acloché’s commitment to our community, and the Warriors & Survivors Charity Gala certainly did that and more. We are looking forward to working with both Run Down the Demons and She Has a Name in the future!

A short album of the check presentations can be found here.

Click here to learn more about our 50 for 50 campaign and to read about last week’s event, and check back next Friday for an update on our 50th anniversary celebration!


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