That’s all she wrote!

As our last Act of Gratitude has been completed, we have finally reached the conclusion of our 50 for 50 campaign.

As a reminder, each week in 2018 Acloché participated in 50 for 50, which celebrates our 50th year in business by performing 50 Acts of Gratitude. These Acts include things like holding food drives, hosting free seminars for the local business community, hosting employee appreciation events, and anything else that shows our gratitude to those who have supported us over the years. We decided to dub one of our monthly Acts of Gratitude a “Pay It Forward” event, where one of our teams does something to support a local charitable organization.

In our final installment, our Accounting team helped Pay It Forward by donating winter hats, gloves, and more to the Indian Springs Giving Tree Project. Every year around the holidays, Indian Springs collects winter clothing for families in need, making sure that no students endure winter without proper hats, gloves, scarfs, coats and anything in between.

We wanted to thank the Indian Springs Elementary for organizing such a great event to help those in their community. Our Accounting team was happy to know their support was going towards such a great cause. As always, we are proud of our Acloché teams for finding such amazing organizations to give their time to.

As our 50 for 50 campaign is completed, we also just wanted to thank all of those who followed us during this incredible 50th Anniversary celebration. From our Charity Gala to our weekly Acts of Gratitude, the support we received throughout the year served as a wonderful reminder of how proud we are to be a part of this Central Ohio community.

Although our 50th Anniversary year has come to a close, our blog has not! Be sure to check back weekly as we explore a variety of topics from resume and job search advise, to leadership and management skills.


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