In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, let’s examine a few simple things you can do in your workplace to show your team that you are thankful for their efforts! The day-to-day grind at work isn’t always easy, so it’s important to make sure that your employees have a reason to stay engaged and motivated, which will lead to a more optimistic and healthier workplace.

Use Your Words

“I’m glad to have you on the team.”

Simple phrases like that, if used genuinely, can really change an employee’s outlook on your leadership. Robert Denker, a managing partner at R&D Partners, claims “This is one of the most powerful and motivating phrases employees can hear from their boss or superior.” It can remind employees that not only is their work appreciated, but what they bring to the table as a person is what sets them apart. Focus on using phrases that convey how an individual brings value to the organization.

Be Specific

Another useful tactic is to be specific with your employees when discussing their daily performance. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a quick “Good job today”, but at times it can seem a bit disingenuous and trite. Instead, try to thank them at the end of the day. There’s a world of difference between “good job” and “thank you for your work today!”, and just that little show of appreciation can go a long way. If you are aware of a specific project or issue that someone had to deal with, take a moment to talk about that and get a feel for how it went. It reinforces that you have an understanding of what each of your employees does on a day to day basis, which helps the office (or whatever work environment) feel a little more cohesive!

See What Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

Replacing major pieces of hardware and furniture isn’t something that’s typically easy to magically find funding for in the workplace, but there are plenty of office upgrades in the same vein that are much more attainable. Does somebody have a wonky chair? Is there a window that won’t quite seal, or one that blasts the hot sun into a row of desks all afternoon? Does everybody actually hate the coffee brand that you’ve been loading the breakroom with? Try to spend some time and make these little QOL changes around the office. Your employees will take notice as these add up!

Break It Up

Everybody enjoys a little break in the monotony of the work week—and here’s a thoughtful way to deal with that. Try to hold weekly “micro-events” that serve to simply spice up the daily routine for your employees. Little things like bringing bagels in the morning or a surprise relaxed dress code day show that you’re trying to break up the tediousness of the typical week with small changes at the benefit of your employees. Another small idea is to spontaneously let the team enjoy an extra 15 minutes for their lunch break!


There really isn’t a wrong way to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts, but there are certainly boring ways. Don’t fall victim to them! Use some of these tactics or make up your own. Just keep in mind, a little will go a long way!