Lights, camera, action!

Back in June, Acloché had been voted as winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award for Staffing Agencies headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. This was our sixth consecutive year earning the award, and we could not be more proud of our team for the efforts they put forward each and every day and for the connection they have fostered with Central Ohio.

Daytime Columbus, which airs live on weekdays from noon to 1:00 PM on NBC4, brought our team onto Thursday’s show to talk about what makes Acloché an award-winning staffing agency. Representing Acloché was CEO Kim Shoemaker and Staffing Specialist Sumer Akers.

When asked about the difficulties navigation the job hunt in this environment, Acloché CEO Kim Shoemaker explains, “The job seeker has a lot of different options and different paths that they can go down nowadays, so we try to simplify that process at Acloché, and make it a little easier for them.” The Acloché team then went on to discuss what separates Acloché from other staffing agencies in the area, highlighting our passion for getting to know the job seeker, and how important it is to find the perfect match in terms of employment for them.

“The fact that our customers and our associates that we are putting to work are the ones who voted for us and decided that we are the top staffing agency in Central Ohio blows us away. We are truly honored, and it solidifies what were are doing here at Acloché.”

For over 25 years the Consumers’ Choice Award has been considered a business seal of excellence. For recipients, the award not only constitutes the crowning achievement of their efforts but also represents the knowledge that they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers. The Consumers’ Choice Award is dedicated to identifying and promoting businesses that exemplify superior customer service, integrity, and professionalism. Their goal is to recognize and nurture business excellence through customer service reviews and recommendations for the benefit of local enterprises and the customers they serve.

We were thrilled with the opportunity to have a conversation with Robyn Haines and work with the team at Daytime Columbus for an afternoon. We want to thank the whole team at Daytime and Consumers’ Choice Award for having us!