We’ve made it to October! While this month is mainly known for dressing up in costumes and asking for candy, we at Acloché think Boss’s Day on the 16th is another great cause for celebration.

Here at Acloché, we thought this would be a good time to explore a few ways to show your boss (or manager, or supervisor, or head honcho, etc.…) that you appreciate them. Most managers work hard to make our work-life enjoyable and our environments productive, and it can be hard to find the perfect way to thank them. Let’s dive into some surefire ways to show your appreciation!

Traditional gifts in the workplace can be tricky, but one place to start is with some small humorous items that have some utility. Funny calendars, mugs, themed sticky notes from their favorite show or team, or even desk accessories can be a small token of appreciation to your manager. As cheesy as they can be, these types of things can be fun gifts if you have a boss who really values a sense of humor in the workplace.

Other gifts can be a little more serious and geared towards appreciating your boss for what they do. These gifts could be a gift card to one of your boss’s favorite places, an appreciation card, or even a desk plant with a note of gratitude with it. Another idea is to pay attention to what their beverage, snack, or supplies of choice are! If you know your boss always brings the same drink or really prefers a certain type of note pad, surprising them with a few extra can leave an impression. This will also show that you pay attention to their actions in the workplace.

Another way you could celebrate your boss this month is to get together with the rest of your team and chip in to buy a breakfast or lunch for everyone to enjoy. Having everyone contribute to treat your boss to an in-house lunch would really show the impact they have on their whole team and would definitely leave them feeling appreciated—especially because organizing team meals is the kind of situation that your manager would typically do for the employees. It could be nice to flip the script for them!

Depending on your comfort level with your employer and your workplace, we understand that gifts may not be a great fit for your environment. They are certainly not necessary! You could simply let your boss know you appreciate them with an email or a quick “Happy Boss’s Day!” when you see them on the 16th.

No matter how you choose to show your boss gratitude, they are bound to appreciate a little recognition if they are given it. Bosses do a lot for their employees and this day to celebrate them is definitely significant. From Acloché to all the bosses out there: We appreciate you!