At Acloché, we strive to develop relationships with the best employers in our communities.

We are excited to announce that over the next several weeks, we will now be hiring for a large, Ohio-born fitness equipment manufacturer on both the East and West sides of Columbus.

“Acloché is thrilled to be able to partner with this client. Not only do they have a stellar reputation, but they are also an organization with real roots in our community. We’re happy to be able to play a role in their success,” says regional recruiter Chelsey McClain.

“When dealing with fitness equipment, the roles can be physical at times but we encourage anybody who is looking for work to visit our website and explore what we have available. Applicants can begin working very quickly this time of year, which is a great advantage for job seekers.”

With multiple roles, shifts, and locations available, Acloché will help you find something that fits your schedule, skills, and needs. Check out what we have available now!


Associates will be assemblers working in the powder coat department. Will take metal pieces off of a rack and put them on a conveyor belt to get powder coated. Once completed, must add plastic tips and stickers where needed. Will need to be able to lift heavy items and use hands in a quick and accurate manner.


The Machine Operator runs a robotic welding machine for the Weld Department. The machine performs the weld, but the operator is responsible for loading and unloading materials into the machine, grinds spatter and sharp edges, and performs quality checks on all products being produced. This position requires lifting up to 80lbs. This position can be dirty due to operating a hand held grinding wheel and handling raw steel.

Not sure what position is right for you? No problem! Our Staffing Specialists are here to help. Our teams can be reached at (614) 532-6281 on the east side, and (614) 527-9200 on the west side for more information. If you would like to just quickly get into our system, fill out our Quick Apply form and make sure to include what you’re interested in in the Comments box.