Information about your W-2 from acloche


Tax season has begun!

For Acloché Associates, there are two ways that you could receive your W-2:

  1. As an Associate, when you first applied to Acloché, you may have elected into an electronic-only W-2. If that is the case, your W-2 will be made available on the Acloché Web Portal by 1/31. Those who have elected to receive an electronic-only W-2 will not have the form mailed to them.
  2. If you did not opt into an electronic-only W-2, then you will have your form mailed to your current address on file by 1/31.

We know this can be a confusing time of the year for many, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your W-2, please contact your Acloché branch. You can find our full contact information on our Locations page.