There have been rising tensions across many different industries these past months from the UPS workers to the SAG strikes and now the automobile industry has been affected with the UAW strike.

The United Auto Workers strike started on September 15th and is entering the 4th day of the strike today as those affected hope for a resolution. The 12,700 UAW workers on strike are wanting a pay increase and have not been satisfied with the current wage increase offer. The UAW strike is against the ‘big three’, General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis.

This strike has currently stopped production at plants in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, which could cause a shortage in parts and quickly affect other businesses in the auto and adjacent industries. Other locations around the country are likely to follow if a resolution is not reached.

Acloché supports employers and employees in the automobile industry in Ohio; if you’ve been affected by the strike, we’re here to help!