At Acloché, we want to help job seekers and employers be aligned to make it the best fit possible for both parties. One of the most important factors in determining this is if the job seeker would thrive in the culture of the individual business. 

Every job seeker wants to find a workplace where they can feel a sense of belonging. This will allow them to flourish and be most successful in the long term. Not only is this what the employee wants, but also what the employer seeks for, cultural alignment.  

Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially when a potential employee is working on their own to find a new workplace. It can be hard to tell if you will fit in with the culture already present with the companies you are applying for.  

This is where Acloché comes in. Our motto that “we know people” is one we strongly stand by continuing to put our focus on the people, mutual accountability, cooperation, and teamwork which are pivotal and central to our values as a company and as individuals. 

We want to make sure that the workplace culture aligns with both parties in multiple ways.  

  • Work Environment: This can include the physical environment that an employee is working in everyday, as well as the way people work together, and the environment is created in the workspace. 
  • Company Values: Both employers and job seekers need to make sure that the company’s values align with theirs, and this will help everyone to feel comfortable and thrive. 

What are your opinions on culture in the workplace and what does it mean to you? Is having a good company culture something you look for when talking to potential employers?