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Scoring a position isn’t about luck. It has more to do with your skills, experience and job interview. Therefore, counting on luck to get a position isn’t the best method. Instead, you need to have a solid resume outlining your greatest skills and accomplishments, as well as a successful job interview.

Below are some tips for a successful interview to help you get closer to landing the position you have been looking for:

  • Have composure. Being nervous during an interview can be portrayed as a lack of confidence. Confidence is important during an interview because it is important to be self-reliant within a position to be successful. If the hiring manager does not see you as self-assured, then they could doubt your ability to successfully fill the open position.
  • Remember to be affable. It is easy to overlook the simplest steps to being hired. Do not forget to use your manners and be polite. Saying “please” and “thank you” may get you farther than you would think.
  • Do your research. Applicants often make the mistake of not researching a company prior to an interview. Familiarize yourself with a company’s mission, services and values prior to your job interview. This way you can express a true interest and passion for your potential position.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Avoid misrepresenting yourself and your skills by making false statements about experience or positions previously held on your resume and during your interview. Even if you feel as though your interviewer is looking for a particular answer, always use truthful and direct answers.
  • Be prepared. Prepare yourself by reviewing your resume and practicing general interview questions. It is always a good idea to refresh your memory on the information you have listed on your resume and to train your brain to think wisely on answers you are expected to answer quickly and efficiently.
  • Present yourself well. Dress professionally, bring pen and paper to make notes and remember to be enthusiastic about this opportunity. By presenting yourself as a well-rounded and professional individual, you make a great impression on your potential employer.
  • Do not forget to follow up. Sending a handwritten or electronic thank you note to your interviewer is a professional way of showing appreciation for the opportunity. Also, if your interviewer does not indicate when they plan to get back with you, do not be afraid to ask politely when you should expect to hear from them.
  • Be proud of yourself. Do not get discouraged after a job interview. Instead, remember to stay positive. After all, you were one of the individuals to receive an interview out of the pile of applications they received.

Relax, take a deep breath and put your best foot forward. With a positive attitude and use of the above tips, you are well on your way to scoring the job you’ve been hoping for.