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First impressions are important especially during a job interview. The way you are dressed is the first image the interviewer will have of you. It is vitally important to dress professionally based on the position you are interviewing for.

You want your first impression to not only be good, but great! Below are some tips to help make the best impression possible during your next job interview.

  • Wear neutral colors. Colors such as black, grey, navy and browns are neutral, safe and professional. They allow you to make a statement without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.
  • Make sure all pieces of your outfit are color coordinated. For men, your suit, shirt tie, socks and shoes should all be from the same palette. For women, your suit, shirt, tights or socks and shoes should all coordinate.
  • Keep jewelry minimal. For men, watches and wedding bands should be the maximum. For women, stud earrings, wedding rings and bands and a delicate necklace should be the maximum.
  • Hair should be neatly cut and professionally styled. If you dye your hair, keep the color to natural tones.
  • Have your clothes tailored. Having your apparel tailored gives your interview outfit a clean and crisp look. Women, make sure that if you are wearing a skirt it is not too short.
  • If you are interviewing for a less formal position, the dress code could be less formal as well. Should you be in this circumstance, do not be afraid to ask the person you are interviewing with what the appropriate clothing would be.
  • Take out all untraditional piercings and cover up tattoos. While employers cannot prohibit you from having this in your personal life, it could be banned in their workplace. Make a firm first impression by removing any piercings other than one set of earrings and wearing clothing to cover your tattoos.

While appropriate apparel in a job interview will not necessarily be what helps you get the job, it is definitely important to have a great first impression.