a toddler drinking water from a garden hose

Heat advisories blanketed the state of Ohio last week, warning the public of dangerous temperatures with heat indexes above 100 degrees. In the United States, excessive heat is the cause of more injuries and deaths each year than lightning and flooding combined.

Even if a heat advisory is not in effect, the potential dangers of heat are still present. Below are tips to help you and your family stay safe in the scorching heat of summer.

  • Stay hydrated with cool water. Especially if you are working outside in the heat, keep yourself hydrated with cool water by drinking one cup every twenty minutes or so. Also, avoid drinking things that can lead to dehydration such as coffee, tea or soda.
  • Do not leave pets or children in unventilated areas. Unventilated areas, especially cars, essentially turn into ovens. Do not leave children or pets in these areas as the conditions can be fatal.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Maintain your body temperature in the heat by wearing light weight and breathable clothing.  If you are in direct sunlight, wear sunscreen and protect your face with a hat.
  • Know the signs of the dangerous effects heat can have and take prompt action when you notice them. Heat strokes, a condition caused directly from heat, can be especially fatal. Knowing the warning signs keeps you and others around you safe. To learn more about the symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke, visit here.
  • Spend less time working and more time resting. If you have prior commitments or responsibilities to take care of in the heat, make sure to take frequent breaks and rest in a cooler area.

The warm weather often makes people want to spend their time outside. However, heat can pose major safety risks. Use the above tips to keep you and others around you safe this summer.