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This Wednesday, October 16, marks National Boss Day, which celebrates leaders around the United States by expressing gratitude and appreciation. If you haven’t already made plan to express appreciation for your boss, use our tips below to help you.

  • If you have the funds and time available, celebrate your boss with an inner-office catered lunch or with a dessert. Bosses appreciate positive praise from their co-workers, and this would be a nice gesture to applaud and thank your boss for their hard work and guidance.
  • If your company does not provide the time or the funds for a small celebration, start a collection to purchase a small token of gratitude for your boss. Use the money you collect for a personal or practical gift to show your boss they are appreciated.
  • If it is too late to start a collection for a small gift, a card is also a great idea to show your boss you are grateful for their leadership. Pass the card around the office for everyone to sign and present the card to your boss at the beginning of the work day on Wednesday.
  • If you aren’t in charge of presenting your boss with a gift or card, a small gesture of thanking them during the day on Wednesday is a personal way of showing appreciation.
  • If you aren’t exactly keen of your boss and think you may dislike them, take this opportunity to get to know them better. You may be surprised that you actually in fact like your boss.

Whether it is a celebratory lunch or just a small personal thank you, expressing appreciation for your boss is important. It is not always easy to be in a leadership role, and everyone could use a little encouragement every once and a while; even your boss.