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The end of Daylight Savings Time has come around once again. The time change will take effect this Sunday, November 3rd, at 2:00am EST, signifying when most Americans will set their clocks back one full hour. While most people adjust to “falling back” much easier than “springing forward,” there are individuals who do not adjust well. Below are tips to help you have an easy and smooth adjustment.

  • Start adjusting before Sunday. Adjust your clock to an hour earlier beginning on Friday, and adjust your meal times and bedtime to be an hour earlier as well. This will help make the change easier.
  • Take a brisk walk or participate in some sort of exercise. Partaking in some form of exercise can help your body feel tired. However, make sure that you are exercising at least two to three hours prior to bedtime to allow your body enough time to wind down.
  • Take a warm bath or shower right before bed. Getting out of a warm bath or shower into a cool bed naturally mimics the transitions from day to night, helping your body sleep.
  • Clear your mind. Write lists of things you have to do the next day prior to going to bed. Keeping yourself organized in this way can avoid racing thoughts while trying to sleep.

Even though these tips can also be used when trying to battle insomnia, they are especially important when helping you and your family adjust to the upcoming time change. Don’t forget to set your clock back an hour this Sunday!