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November 11th celebrates National Veterans’ Day honoring all of our country’s past and present military veterans. While this date is important in order to honor our veterans, recruiting and retaining veterans is an important every day task in the workforce.

Some veterans have already transitioned to civilian work and are just looking for a new job, while other veterans are newly transitioning to the civilian workforce. Either way, success for veterans in the workplace begins with recruitment. Below are a few tips to help you in your veteran recruitment efforts.

  • Write inclusive job descriptions. Job descriptions that are too specific may discourage some veterans who fear they do not have the experience necessary. Modify your job descriptions in order to be inclusive of both civilians and military veterans.
  • Send the right staff to job fairs. Some companies tend to miss out when trying to recruit veterans at veteran-specific job fairs because they do not send the right type of person. You should try to have an individual trained in veteran interaction; an actual veteran would most likely work best.
  • Host an open house specifically for veterans. By specifically tailoring an open house for veterans, you can demonstrate how they fit into your work flow. This helps veterans to feel comfortable within your work environment.

Hiring veterans is important. Use the above tips to help your company recruit veterans with a broad skill set to help your company become more successful.