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In today’s economy, layoffs and employee cutbacks are considered to be the norm, making it difficult for employees to have work confidence. One way to have increased confidence in your job’s security is to become the best employee you can be. Below are tips to help you be a star employee.

  • Stay out of the gossip circle. When co-workers around you complain about management, walk away to avoid being sucked into the negativity. Stick to the saying that if you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing at all.
  • Hoard your personal or sick time off. Even though employers provide you with sick or personal time, doesn’t mean you should use it. Good attendance at work demonstrates to your boss how seriously you take your job.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Communication is essential when it comes to rapport with your boss. Establish a great relationship by communicating when you feel you can and cannot complete a task efficiently.
  • On time is late and early is on time. Keeping this mantra in your head will exemplify your enthusiasm for your work and show how much you want to be there.
  • Be an employee that you would hire if you were the boss. Put yourself in your boss’ shoes and think about what qualities you would want in an employee if you were hiring yourself. Then, try to demonstrate those qualities to your own boss.
  • Go beyond what is asked of you. By going the extra mile, you show that you are passionate about your work and take it seriously.

Use these tips to shine as an employee and feel confident in your position.