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The holiday season is winding down, but the hectic schedule that comes along is probably just starting to get busier. With the excitement and chaos of holiday parties, family gatherings and other events, staying focused at work can be difficult. Use the tips below to help you stay focused through the New Year.

  • Take advantage of your paid time off. If you have vacation time left, take advantage of it and give yourself a breather. Sometimes it is better to not be at work than it is to be there and be unfocused.
  • Stay organized with a to-do list. Organization is key when dealing with chaos. Help yourself out by creating a to-do list of your responsibilities and prioritize them by importance.
  • Don’t stretch yourself too thin. One mistake individuals make during the holiday season is the tendency to over-commit. Avoid making this mistake by saying no to things you know you won’t have time for.
  • Try to keep your mind on work and off non-work related holiday events. Keeping your concentration on work related tasks while at work is important to staying focused. As easy as it is to start day-dreaming about your upcoming cookie exchange, stay on task by solely concentrating on work.

It is easy to forget what the holiday season is truly all about, but that is the most important thing to remember. Remembering that it is about spending time with those that mean the most and about expressing gratitude for all of the things you are thankful for will help you keep a positive attitude and stay focused. We wish you a very happy holiday season! May your 2014 be prosperous.