April is National Stress Awareness Month, a month to focus on the effects of stress and how to effectively manage it. It is important to know what triggers stress, and for a majority of individuals one of the biggest triggers is the stress of work.

Managing stress in general is important, but work-related stress can have detrimental effects on work performance and productivity. Below are tips to help alleviate work-related stress.

  • Temporarily redirect your attention to a task that is less stressful than the task at hand. Return to the stressful task once your mind is clear, and you’re prepared to tackle it.
  • Have a positive outlook while at work. Being positive about the work you are doing can help alleviate some of the pressure stress creates.
  • Constantly remind yourself what it is you enjoy about the work you are doing. At times, losing sight of what is enjoyable can create unneeded stress.
  • Surround yourself with supportive co-workers that can relate to the stresses you are experiencing. Having someone to talk to and relate to is an important way to alleviate stress.
  • Take a short break and walk away from your desk. Allowing yourself to have a quick breather can redirect your energy and keep you from reaching your boiling point.

Stress can be harmful in every aspect of life, but work-related stress can affect both your work and your personal life. Use the above tips to help alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling.