the face that greets you

Mark your calendars – next Wednesday, April 23rd, is National Administrative Professional Day, a day to express your gratitude for each of your administrative employees. Still need ideas on how to celebrate your employees? Below are ideas to help show thanks for all of their hard work and dedication.

  • Have the entire office sign a card of thanks for your administrative professionals. Administrative professionals typically play a role in every function of the office, so having every employee sign it will show a collective appreciation for their work.
  • Treat them to lunch on National Administrative Professional Day. A small gesture, such as taking your administrative employees out to lunch, can go a long way in showing appreciation.
  • Offer your administrative employees to take a half day on April 23rd. If your business’ schedule allows for it, give your administrative employees a break from their work duties. This is a cost-effective option to show appreciation that your employees will appreciate in return.
  • Purchase a small gift or gift card for your administrative employees. As said before, small gestures can go a long way. A thoughtful gift or gift card your administrative employees would enjoy can be sufficient in expressing your gratitude.

Whether you chose to purchase a small gift or give your employees some time off, don’t forget to personally thank the administrative employees in your office. Sometimes a personal “thank you” is all that they are looking for.