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A great hiring process does not end after you have selected the best candidate fit for the positions your company is trying to fill. It goes well beyond the interview with a new hire program that gets new employees excited and motivated for their future at your business. Below are tips to help overhaul or freshen up your new hire process to retain employees and keep them excited and interested.

  • Be prepared. Staying organized and prepared is important when it comes to a new hire program. You want to be sure that you cover all pertinent information during their training time, so an outline of all necessary points you would need to cover should be used in each new hire program.
  • Do not throw employees out to the wolves. Ensure that your new employees are well-trained before allowing them to work on their own. Some new employees could become intimidated without the proper training and feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable in their role.
  • Demonstrate that despite being new they’re still valued. Make new employees’ welcomes warm and inviting. Take them around to meet each person in the office. By being more familiar with their co-workers and surroundings, new hires will feel more comfortable in their new environment.
  • Train your staff to be approachable, professional and cordial with new employees. Without training, some employees may come off as rude or unfriendly to new employees. Therefore, new employees will feel as though they do not have approachable resources to aide in familiarizing themselves with their job.

Use the above tips to help establish or improve your new hire program to help start new employees out on the right foot.