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An interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate to a potential employer how you qualify for a particular position within their company.  It is easy to showcase your concrete work experience and educational qualifications. It is much more difficult, however, to demonstrate your soft skills, or your personal qualities during an interview. Below are tips to help you highlight your best soft skill qualities during your next interview opportunity.

  • Avoid saying what the majority of applicants say during the interview. Generic descriptions, such as being a team player with great communication skills, do not help you stand out. Instead, try describing yourself more vividly and explain how your communication skills set you apart from the other pool of applicants by giving specific experiences and examples.
  • Don’t try to oversell your best qualities. Choose four or five of the qualities you think will be most important in the role you are interviewing for. By choosing a small number of qualities to highlight, you have the opportunity to specifically relay how those qualities will help you excel in the potential position.
  • Demonstrate the soft skills you are highlighting throughout the interview. If you are trying to show that you are a focused employee that stays on task well, listen intently throughout the interview to indicate that you are focused on the task at hand.

Use the above tips to help display your best soft skill qualities during your next interview to hopefully help you land the position!