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The interview process can grow monotonous and become another boring task you are unenthusiastic about. Below are creative and alternative ways to assess your candidate’s personality to help put some life and fun into the interview process in addition to the typical questions.

  • Ask them how they take their coffee. Studies have found that the way an individual takes their coffee can tell outsiders a lot about the individual’s personality.
    • Straight black typically mean that the individual tends to be a purist with the inclination to keep it simple and old school. However, it could also mean that they are set in their ways with little submission to change.
    • Individuals who prefer lattes tend to want to constantly please those around them. However, due to their generosity they are prone to overextend themselves.
    • Individuals who prefer blended or frozen coffee drinks tend to be trendsetters. While their imagination is abundant, they can also be a bit audacious.
    • Those who prefer their coffee to be decaf tend to be Type A. They like to be in control of situations and have a tendency to be a perfectionist, which can at times lead to being overly sensitive and worry warts.
  • Red or white? Other studies have shown that the wine preference of an individual can also lend insight into their personality.
    • Red wine drinkers tend to be ambitious and hard working with a preference for face-to-face interaction.
    • White wine drinkers tend to be the more practical and laid back individuals, but consider themselves to be reserved and quiet.
    • Rose wine drinkers tend to be the individuals who are committed, warm and charming.
  • How fast do the walk? According to research, the gait can tell you a lot about their personality.
    • Individuals who walk fast and with determination and focus tend to display dominance.
    • Individuals with a steady walk with their arms close to their body tend to be supporters.
    • Individuals that would be considered influencers tend to change direction more often than others while walking.
    • Those individuals, who walk carefully, paying attention to etiquette and pedestrian laws, are most considered to be cautious people.

While the above assessment tactics are not the basis of whether or not a candidate qualifies for a position and would be a great fit, they are a fun way to try and assess the personality of the individual. Employ these above personality assessments during your next interview to liven up the process.