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Monitoring employees’ work to ensure they are completing their assigned tasks without micromanaging is a daunting balancing act that all managers face daily. Below are tips to help eliminate some of the urge to micromanage and provide your employees with some workplace independence.

  • Start with the types of employees you hire. Hiring efficient and quality employees that will be accountable for their workplace responsibilities will help eliminate some of your worry about getting work done. With less worry, you will be less likely to micromanage these employees.
  • Make expectations clear and evident. By setting the guidelines of what is expected of their work in terms of quality and deadlines from the beginning, you eliminate any confusion your employees would have about their tasks. Therefore, you won’t have to micromanage their work or harp about deadlines.
  • Give your employees a voice in the work they are completing. When employees feel as though their opinions are directly involved in the work they are completing, they are more likely to stay focused and enthusiastic about their tasks.
  • Make your employees culpable to their peers. Having your employees hold one another accountable through quarterly surveys and anonymous feedback will help motivate your employees to perform at a satisfactory level.

Allowing your employees to have a little bit of independence could increase employee satisfaction. Use the above tips to help dispose of any tendency you will have to micromanage your employees.