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The interview process can be stressful by itself; then comes the dreaded “What are your faults?” question. Be better prepared to handle this question during your next interview process using the tips below.

  • Try not to be evasive or generic. By giving the typical “perfectionism” or similar response, you may do more harm than good by not giving an answer that helps you stand out from the other applicants.
  • Describe a weakness not directly related to the skills necessary to be successful in the position you are interviewing for. Think of a skill you are not particularly great at unrelated to the required skills of the position and explain it as your greatest weakness. For example, if you are interviewing for a position that does not require public speaking or group presentations, you could say this is your greatest weakness.
  • Discuss previous weaknesses in a past position that you’ve since improved upon. By demonstrating to your potential employer that you recognize your weaknesses and take time to improve upon them can show you are dedicated to being successful within your work.
  • Turn a negative into a positive. Chose a quality, such as needing to triple check your work, which could be considered a weakness but could essentially be seen in a positive light.

Use these above tactics during your next interview to ensure that you answer this dreaded question efficiently and uniquely to help you land the position you’re seeking.