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Motivating employees can be challenging as a business leader. However, motivating millennial employees can have its extra trials. According to recent research, in order to keep millennial employees inspired in the workplace, they expect the following:

  • Fair compensation. While tenure is important when deciding the salary ranges for employees, up-to-date knowledge is also important to consider. Millennial employees tend to be more up-to-date on current knowledge needed in their field and feel as though they should be compensated accordingly.
  • Having a say in decision making as trusted employees. Millennial employees do not like to feel as if they are being micromanaged; they like to have direct involvement in the decision being made for the company while also feeling as though their opinions and actions are trusted by their employer.
  • Proficient management. Having an efficient boss has long been a desire and expectation of employees. However, millennial employees expect something further than just proficiency. In addition to the long-standing expectation of leadership integrity, millennial employees also expect workplace democracy and a fun work environment.

It may seem as though millennial employees can be complicated to employ verses their older counterparts. However, millennial employees have much to offer your company in terms of talent and success. Consider their expectations when evaluating your business plan.