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You may have recently submitted your resume for a position you were qualified for, and now you’re wondering what happened? Having a standout resume is important when applying for a position in the present job market, which is why resume mistakes can send your resume straight to the trash pile. Avoid the mistakes below to help your resume stand out among the crowd.

  • Having a resume longer than one to two pages full of impertinent information. A resume should have five key areas covered that include: personal information, career summary or objective, professional experience, educational history and affiliations or references. While being descriptive about your experience is good, going into too much detail can doom your resume straight to the trash. Be clear and concise with your points and information.
  • Not giving enough information. On the other hand, not going into enough detail about your background experience and education and how you qualify for the position can cause your resume to be overlooked. Finding a balanced middle ground is important.
  • Giving out information irrelevant to the position and your experience. Including irrelevant information can confuse and turn off potential employers. Be sure to stick only to the information that is relevant to your career and how you will be successful in the role they are hiring for.
  • Including false information. Lying on your resume is a big no-no. Always be honest about your educational and occupational history. Being deceitful when applying for a job can demonstrate the wrong kind of character qualities to your potential employer and cost you a great career.

Use these tips to help your resume stand out when you apply for your next position.